ShopUp 2016, by Babyccino Kids


We’re so excited to announce that we can officially be found on Babyccino Kids, and even more exciting, we’ll be joining them at their ShopUp event in LA this Spring! Mark your calendars for April 10th + 11th, and prepare yourself for one beautiful shopping experience at the jaw-dropping Lombardi House. Be sure to come say hello!

For more information on location + event details, click here.


Happy 6 months, Alice + Ames


Now that Alice + Ames has hit it’s official 6 month mark, I wanted to give a giant thank you to everyone who has cheered for us and shopped with us the last few months! If I’m being completely honest, when I took the leap to open up my own shop, it wasn’t the best of timing. I had a 5 week old, my husband had just taken a risky commission-based job, and we were still adjusting to 3 little ones at home. As the site got closer and closer to launching, I started panicking. ‘Putting yourself out there’ is truly terrifying! The morning I had planned to post about my new company, I called Geoff beforehand and only half-jokingly told him I was going to shut the whole thing down. Once I finally mustered up enough courage to hit ‘share’, I was bombarded with nothing but kind words and support. I’m so glad I didn’t let fear and doubt take over! A million Thank You’s to you all for shopping small and letting me do what I love.