Live in the studio, The Leo

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The goodness that’s created when Heather Nan, Samantha Kelly, and their adorable kids get together in a studio with some rolls of film. Bright, happy, and playful.. what we’re all about. Thanks for these fun photos Heather, see the rest here!


Land of Nod Event, South Coast Plaza


We had so much fun partying with Land of Nod last weekend at their South Coast Plaza store! Thank you to all of those who came out to visit, shop, and craft with us– we are constantly overwhelmed with your love and support! Also, a big thanks to Classic Kids photography for setting up a little photo booth for us– they were wonderful with the kids! Now that our first pop-up event is officially over and done with, we’re ready for another! Where to next!? 😉

*Bunny mask template found here

Dots on Dots

stpattysdaystpattysday copy

Looking for a quick St. Patricks Day activity? Look no further! We’re big fans of simple crafts that require minimal clean up, direction, and supplies. This eraser rainbow art from the genius Mer Mag Blog was just that! Head to her blog for more details and the link for a free template to help guide even your tiniest artists.

*Matching polka dot dress from the shop, psst.. they’re going fast!

Easter Gift Guide, 2016


1. Pitchoun Leather Bow 2. Milk + Soda Sunnies 3. Billie Blooms Bloomers 4. Kid Made Modern Art Supplies  5. Misha Puff Romper 6. Hansel from Basel Tights 7. Navy Oxfords 8. Oeuf NY Sheep 9. Oh Joy! Blanket 10. Alexander Girard Color Book 11. Bobo Choses Swimmer 12. Briar Handmade Bonnet 13. Land of Nod Ukulele 14. Plush Dollhouse 15. Solly Dolly Carrier 16. Schoolgirl Bow 17. Tote Bag Stencil Kit 18. Ivory Dot Leotard 19. Snorkel Set 20. Crayon Gems